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lzuchukwu Innocent Emeam

Fr. Izuchukwu I. Emeam

Thriller Novelist and Award-winning Author

lzuchukwu Emeam is a Catholic Priest and holds the following academic degrees: BA, B.TH, P.G.D.E,M.A, M.ed (Edu.Psyche, Ph.D). He is a full-time lecturer with Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education and lectures part-time in Imo State University all in Nigeria. He lectures philosophy of Education, Comparative Education and Abnormal Psychology.

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Education is the ontological foundation for the future hope of human kind on earth. The scope of education is very vast and it appears there are still variables not yet tackled by any nation.

- Rev. Fr. Izuchukwu Innocent Emeam

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Techne in Martin Heidegger: Towards Technology Education in Nigeria

In the 21st century, citizens of developing nations still hue wood for cooking energy, fetch water from streams, wash cloths with hands, use candle light or kerosine lantern for light in the house. The cry is underdevelopment. On the contrary, the developed nations are building mega cities but causing environmental degradation and putting the earth planet in danger. In the face of the above, Heidegger proposes metaphysics of morals in technology. The problem of developing nations focus on lack of appropriate technology to drive education of minds and development. This book explores the philosophy of Martin Heidegger on technology to ascertain the possibility of filling the technology gap in education and development. It is a well researched and articulated work which exposes the problem of developing nations as Nigeria backwardness in education and development. The author following the example of Heidegger on the imperative of language in developing appropriate technology recommends education in the language of a people and not the use of foreign language. The place of appropriate curriculum and teaching method were properly considered. Happy reading.

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